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gratis pornovideoer norsk sex gratis

gratis sexfilmer. Klikk p oss og nyt de beste sexvideoene! Camtocam Bondage Wikipedia is written in English (see Main Page#. Wikipedia languages).With this being said, this page is a place to list foreign language articles on the English. Wikipedia, to see if they can be translated before they are listed. Wikipedia :Articles for deletion.

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There are also procedures to follow at the Talk page of the article itself; see template translated page and Wikipedia:Translation#How to translate. ( talk ) 13:05, 21 December 2017 (UTC) Jalal Allakhverdiyev edit The initial language of this article was Azerbaijani. Kudpung ( talk ) 04:44, (UTC) French, no doubt, for this French department. The article title also needs work, and I've tagged the article Disputed title and invited folks at WT:germany to have a look at the title, and even whether this article should exist in this form. Auric talk 19:11, (UTC) July 2016 edit Majed Abdullah edit The initial language of this article was uncertain. PK2 ( talk ) 07:31, 18 September 2016 (UTC) Persian machine translations by Felestin1714 edit @ Felestin1714 will you please stop creating poorly translated articles and work on making the ones you already have created more useful- Jac. Redlentil ( talk ) 09:44, (UTC) Machine translations by socks of Slowking4 edit Slowking4 ( talk contribs ) is an indeffed sockmaster of several blocked sockpuppets, some of which, including Beatley and duckduckstop for example, have anywhere from. Dansk porno video min busty indiske fætter savita. (See also Guide to deletion.) Articles that are not in English are still subject to all other forms of speedy deletion should they meet the criteria, and can be nominated for deletion by prod or afd should an editor. Mathglot ( talk ) 11:24, (UTC) french jazz band leader is the category I guess? Use the notice rough translation, for example, rough translationGermanDeutsch. I will look at this further if it languishes. Other ways to find articles swinger pics thai massasje norge for inclusion on this page are: Tagging, if the article is a mere copy of (all or part of) an article in a foreign-language Wikipedia, it can just be tagged with db-foreign to get added. Use the notice notenglish NameOfLanguage if you know the language used, or notenglish if you cannot identify the language of the page in question. I dropped the bass? HyperGaruda ( talk ) 19:26, 13 September 2016 (UTC) Saraperos de Saltillo edit The initial language of this article was. GAB gab 21:00, (UTC) This article has been translated into English, but still needs some cleanup. Gratis ponofilm belle salope nympho qui baise letkøbt! Not English section If there is just a section that needs translation:. Metropolitan90 (talk) 01:24, (UTC) Looks like the creator had some serious WP:OWN issues, overestimating their grasp of English. Rogermx ( talk ) 15:16, (UTC) Château de Meudon edit The initial language of this article was French. I don't say it shouldn't be here but it's not our first priority imho given the horrible mess on some of these other pages. SharkD Talk 19:39, (UTC) Added an Expert needed template to it, and initiated a Talk page discussion. Elinruby ( talk ) 19:41, (UTC) So it turns out that this is one of over a hundred MT articles stuffed into en-wiki by indef'ed user ojom ( talk contribs ). Gratis sex movies anal tur til en arabisk pige.

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